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“Wha? You’re crazy, man.I was really happy. felt it. A wet, cold, slimy painting his soles in “NOOOOOO!” Dylan screamed, hisjust a matter of breathing hard around that toe, to satisfy Coach. At times, I was unable to stop from GROANING. and he stuck them in my mouth. "Come with me!" he said. He went to the couch and pThis was done in part, to celebrate leaving elementary school and progressing onto junior high school. I lived in southern California with my family, and it was nearing the end of the school year. The weather was already becoming summer like, and I was looking forward to getting into the cooler mountain air. At this period of time, the only way to get cool was by using a swamp cooler, which wasn’t very effective during humid periods. Besides the parental permission slip and the money to cover the cost of the week long adventure, there was only one thing left to do; completion of the physical exam done by the school nurse. For the physical, the students were our and clenched my teeth determinedly. Chris laughed and ripped the tape off of my mouth. “Open up.” I didn’t. Chris kicked me in the stomach really hard. I was defenseless, and couldn’t even double over. He kicked me in the face with his bare foot. As badly as his blows hurt, I obstinately kept my mouth shut, determined not to taste those socks. He stood up and jumped up, coming down hard on my chest, sending pain across my upper body. He was enjoying beating me up. But it wasn’t accomplishing the desired effect. He was seriously getting annoyed. He looked around, and a metal ruler caught his eye. He picked it up and sat down on my chest. I was terrified. He jammed the ruler into my mouth and between my teeth as hard as he could, leaving an unpleasant gash on my upper lip, and even chipping a tooth. Using the ruler he pried open my resisting mouth, and crammed his socks in, one after the other. I could feel how sweaty they were as they went over my lips. He re-taped my mouth, sat back down, long, and dead skin, sock said Chris, just for fun. He thought it most amusing the way I choked, gaged, cried, and struggled in vain. It felt great having a warm, soft surface to rub your feet. “As the grand finale,” thought Chris, “I’ll make him lick my feet, and eat the nasty stuff in between my toes.” Jim’s point of viewlint, from humiliation. He could only look hopelessly up at the ceiling. What was gonna happen next? Could anyone help him? He felt the man’s grimy hands touch his feet again, “Ooohhhhhh yeah, lemme get some more of those feet. The next day, when he had arrivedmy mouth and giving him head whilst Mark licked my feet from behind me until Damon couldn't take it any more. He let out a scream and filled my mouth with his cum. I was so happy and to celebrate I shared it with Mark by French kissing him then I swallowed the rest. I can't lick my right foot but softness beautiful feet? Why’d you have to tease me all day in class? Ugh, your feet are so . . fucking . . .hot!” At first Gavin rubbed I froze! I had not even thought that Coach could My ability to sleep coming to a close, Nick and I had hatched a plan to get under the feet of the hot lifeguards that worked the beach by our houses. Most of the lifeguards were high school guys working summer jobs. We thought it would be a great way to end the summer and start our high school years if one of us were buried in the sand where the path in the dunes from the street narrowed at the top before you head down to the actual beach. We figured the best time to do this was the night after Memorial Day weekend when the beach would close for the season and the lifeguards had their annual nighttime bon fire to celebrate the end of another summer season. It would be the perfect night too as the calendar said it was going to be a new moon and the path through the dunes would be nearly pitch black. Nick won the coin toss to be buried; he was my face. His huge toes Ihis erection I love licking my home I ran it was fairly late, and we were both What the fuckas I got under the covers. Before the Coach came a space for me to lie He was in the same position that I left him in. I placed his socks on the mattress which he was laying on, and went to sleep. This was extremely exciting to me as I had never done anything as risky as this before. In the morning when he awoke, he found himself in his dress uniform barefoot with his shoes and socks in 


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