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Domination Humiliation Master Slave

      jose lick feet
#040-06 Duration: 06:51

Models: Oliver, Jose
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force
Oliver lost a bet - and now has to care of jose stinky feet.

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foot slave      smelly feet

     latino feet
#032-05 Duration: 14:28

Models: Jesus, Alvin
Tags: feet, latino, slave, worship
Jesus is Alvins Foot-Bitch and has to service
 his toes for hours.

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toe sucking      toe worship

     love of feet

#016-05 Duration: 08:19

Models: Goetz, Alfons
Tags: socks, master, punishment, sneaker
Goetz treat Alfon as foot dog and humiliates him,
putting him on a leash.

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foot dog      stinky feet bath

    foot ahoy
#023-04 Duration: 11:35

Models: Giovanny, Moritz, Bruno
Tags: sox, master, foot job, licking
Morit z is forced to be a foot slave for his two hot 

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trampling sox      smell it

    foot bully
#035-06 Duration: 12:01

Models: Tibor, Ralph
Tags: rank, bully, domination, bottom
Ralph is a bully and Tibor gets his rank smelly
feet for a taste.

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tongue on toe     humiliated slave

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Gavin unzipped his pants,table. He had the weirdest fucking dream. Damon who lived round the corner who sprained his foot whilst we were playing football and when he revealed his foot I fell in love, it was so beautiful, pink round the outside and toes to die for. He told me he had a foot fetish and we used to talk about feet all the time, we also used to tell each other sexy stories whilst the other one of us wanked in the dark, although I used to pull my penis whilst talking about what other women would do to him whilst imaging it was me. We used to name 3 girls we wanted the other person to talk about in the story and I always wanted him to say me as one of the 3 so I could jump to his cock and satisfy my desire, unfortunately he never did although I thought once we were close to having sex when we were wrestling once as we were complimenting each other but neither of us had the balls to say. When I was single once I set up a fake He dreamt he was going crazy while tiny men tickled his feet with feathers. Pretty insane. And he had overslept! ItHe loved the way the gay guys in his class would try to secretly eye his feet. He would do little tricks like leaning on his toes in his flip flops, showing off his golden arches, or slipping his bare feet out of his loafers, and flexing his toes in a carefree way. He even caught one of the fags in his class take a picture with his phone! He would never do anythingpace large enough for his legs to fit through, and his shins and feet were sticking into this wall. There was a few inches of open space above his legs, so that he could move his legs up down a little. It was a weird contraption. His feet were bare, and they were on a ledge of some sort. He didn’t remember being barefoot before ringing the doorbell--in fact, he was wearing socks and shoes. He was still dressed in his tank top and shorts, but the worst part was, he couldn’t move! He tried to retract his legs down on, using a shelf covered with ropes and pulleys. I wasn’t going to be there long, so it was comfortable enough. I unbuttoned by pants and began pulling on my already hard penis. I removed a handkerchief from my jacket pocket in anticipation of my erupting load. I held one of his odorous socks to my nose and mouth. The other I tied around my balls, making them tight. His foot odor was on my hands, and face. I inhaled deeply and imagined his beautiful toes moving around in his socks when he walked. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot several loads into my handkerchief before I was completely spent. When I returned, he had not moved a muscle. from the hole in the wall, but it was no use. “What the fuck?” He sweat that I was used to smelling, so I looked up and sure enough his cock and balls were out. My jaw literally dropped when I saw how big his dick was, it must have been nine inches. He took the opportunity to pick had a fondness of wearing flip flops. Since he was a teenager, he was keenly aware of his unusually attractive feet. His toes were perfectly shaped, his arches were smooth and curvy, and his soles were undeniably soft. He even went in regularly for manipeddies, no matter how gay it looked. He just liked being barefoot and showing off his hot size twelve feet, though, in the bedroom,no matter what the gender. Unfortunately Wow!” The voice from the other side was gravelly, older sounding. He didn’t like the sound of it. He felt his feet being lifted slightly in the air. “Get the fuck off me you fucking freak!” It was no use.n grabbed him by his ankles, and pressed his feet together tightly. Then he inserted his penis into the space formed by his insteps and began fucking it, gently at first, then picking up the tempo. “Please. . . stop . . .” Dylan was in caked in mud they are?” He asked as he brushed them against each other causing dust and 


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huge variaty of male on male feet dominattion video and photo. Hot humiliation scenes with rank stinky, smelly or clean feet hard sock action. cute boys getting tickled. master and slave action with s/m sado maso session. straight guys forced to serve worship male feet and getting the whip if they dont. get trampled by a gang of foot masters or just watch submissiv men enjoy and worship beautiful big feet.You will find Twinks and cuties aswell as tough strong macho bullys. Great International models.

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