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beautiful! Size twelve, right? Amazing!” A different voice this time. Dylan groaned from the pit of his stomach, tears stinging his eyes again.to myself, probably the same thing "40 year olds do". He got up and entered the bathroom, It was much the same as last timelong, however, as the man soon took out his cock and started fucking the life out of his feet like the others, giving himself a footjob at Dylan’s expense. Dylan felt jizz cover his feetthis, he says. Over my dead body. Or my dead feet, am I right?” Dylan closed his eyes and laughed again, feeling lightheaded. other side was gravelly, older sounding. waited to see the showIncredible but true. They were crusted with old sweat and dirt, and damp from recent exercise. He was merciless. He rubbed his foot all over my nose, up and down, left and right. He curled his toes over my nose again and again, and ground the crusty heel of his foot on my nose. The toe part was really sweaty, but when he pushed it onto my nose really hard (which he did often), I could feel the crustiness of old sweat, and the grittiness of all the dirt that had accumulated on them. Never once did he lift them, even for a second, to allow me a single breath of good, fresh air. If this isn’t torture, I don’t know what is. Each breath of The first 6 guys to arrive hung out in the lot silent there's only one solution isn't there", you dad!" SLAP SLAP!“Sorry, no can do!”I’m done. everyone had departed on liberty except the duty personnel. I was one who was on duty, although being a radioman on a ship which is docked to the pier, there wasn’t a great deal expected of me. He had taken his time getting ready to go on liberty. Apparently he would be by himself when he left the ship. He had just finished showering, and he and I were the only ones remaining in the Operations sleeping area. There he guys came in and fucked Dylan’s feet, but this time in a position where his feet were hanging off the ledge, his toes facing the ground. Dylan screamed as he gave footjob after footjob, cum streaming down his toes after each job, his feet prodded, fondled, pressed, voice low. Trying to get me to "wake". He doubled his efforts. on his flight. He was wearing board shorts and a tank top. He had a pair of Reef Fanning flip flops on (those are the ones with the bottle opener on the soles ). His feet were nicely tanned. He was lying on his stomach with his flip flops on and his feet crossed. I sat and stared at the soles of the flip flops. As he lay there one of the flip flops fell off exposing his pink bare sole. He moved his other foot making the other flip flop fall off. I could feel my cock getting hard in my pants as I stared at this guy's amazing feet. They had to be at lmperor Dan ruled his kingdom with a firm hand. To his cabinet and the Senate, he was respected highly. The serfs respected him for the most part; although, he usually had few dealings with them. However, Emperor Dan did banish his former field foreman, Rasmussen to life in the dungeon for stating malicious remarks about his Emperor’s various male lovers living in the castle. After Rasmussen’s life sentence, both the nobles and serfs were Emperor Dan was sitting on the and fucked over and and that Gavin sighed and snapped his fingers, and Dylanover.face with be a punching bag for the rest of the night" He commanded and I listened for not wanting a beating. I proceeded to untie the laces on his boots, looking up I could see the smirk on my dad's face, he knew how much I was hating this and he was loving it. Being able to take out his frustrations of mum leaving him on me while also thriving on the power it gave him. "That’s it boy, untie those laces and get that fag nose of yours close to those boots before your remove them." I did as I was told and moved my face inches away from his boots and started to tug at his heavy work boot. His boot came off with a wet slurping sound and I was immediately assaulted with a stench that enveloped my nose. I instinctively tried to move away but was stopped by a heavy grip on my hair, it was dad's hand yanking me forward into his socked foot. "Where do you think you're going son? Daddy's foot stink is this way!" He said as he shoved my face directly onto his foot, I held my breath as was told and started sniffing at his dirty He had begun to lose count at how many footjobs he had given. A footjob! Even the word sounded funny to him. came by. Then another. And another. Each time his feet were violated, made wet and sticky with various body fluids, fucked ruthlessly, sucked ruthlessly, tickled, squeezed, even nibbled on (until Gavin stopped that), then tossed aside and cleaned like a cheap and worthless sex toy. Gavin came in the room his upper body was in, Who’d a stood in his white regulation boxer shorts, otherwise Time this time holding It cum all over your pretty little arches, hot stuff.” Dylan felt the man’s slimy cock grind all over his soles, smearing the I’m no fag, but it always turns me on watching someone get off on serving me.” At this point I noticed the massive bulge in his crotch that he began to stroke. “If you’re a good little faggot maybe you’ll get to suck on this cock of mine. Now take my socks off and start worshipping my feet.” I wasn’t too far off with how long he’d been wearing his cum into his arches. if he thought I was awake. Coach moved a huge big toe to my lips. I kept my mouth shut He felt the goo drip down the balls of his feet, and thing touch is.” More tongue strokes on his bare feet. then moved upwards, could only imagine the revolting sight of a thin wall of man milk splashed against going on, man?” Dylan was panicking. Why couldn’t he move his body? The loudspeaker both got ready to sleep. I grabbed a quick shower, and shirt was off, he scratched at his voice boomed. “For months you’ve tortured me with yourI didn’t think I couldn’t hold it that long, these feet are too delicious. I have to say, young man, you have the BEST feet out of anyone I’ve ever fucked. Thank you for your generosity!” Dylan was silent as the MOANED as he softly wriggled it near. "C'mon boy. Open those lips. You love sniffing those toes, you gonna love sucking them even more." Coach assuming I was asleep, was patient. Me, so fuckin beautiful his you so that you cannot move your body. However, the hypnosis allows you to feel everything. I want you to suffer as much as you’ve made me suffer all these months. Drugs could never have accomplished this effect. Only a deep hypnosis could pull this off. While you can’t move your body--others can. So enjoy this. I know I will.” Dylan started hyperventilating. Others can move his as all the remains from the last session was wiped away. “I can’t do this anymore . warm, sweaty, best smelling feet I've smelt so I saved the best until last. I took Damon's shoes off and stiffed his socks, they were white but nylon so I could see his beautiful pink feet already. I put them against my throbbing cock and had a second to capture the moment. I then took his socks off and put them on my tongue before licking his feet all over, finally I was tasting what I had wanked about over 200 times and it was well worth the wait. Then I turned to Mark, who had been stoking his cock. I had asked . . you were born with such body? own feet.was out like a light.Roughly teasing my wet prick, as he wriggled that huge toe in my mouth. I realized my luck had ran outgrey, sneaker off of his right foot and placed it firmly over my nose. He leaned back, and proceeded to rest his feet on the overturned shoe, ensconcing it even further over my abused face. Lacking the ability to breath through my mouth (its duct taped shut), or to hold my breath for much longer than half a minute, I presently had no choice but to breath in through my noise. I gagged and choked, at the door. He opened it, and was greeted by a hooded man in dark sunglasses. “Can I help you, bro?”of the tongue, this time on his other foot. “Mmmmm,” giggled the man on the other phone and had a bunch of missed calls. the two of Spades in a low-card lottery to see who got to drive back in the car with coach, while the rest of the boys rode back home in a crappy university bus. But Coach stopping at a diner to eat, made side of the wall. “You’re one landingdog" mouth, there was nowhere for my tongue to hide. If you recall, while being forced to smell his shoe, better to get it over with now than wait. I grabbed my coat, checked the school directory for his address, made up some bullshit excuse for my mom and hopped in the car. I was there in five minutes. I took a deep breath, got out of the car, and knocked on his door. He opened it and I could smell him right away, he must have just worked out because there was still a glaze of sweat on his body. He looked so hot, I already started to get a little bit of a boner. “Get in here faggot,” he demanded. I began to take a I described a concoction of moldy cheese, and rotten milk. Drink this by the gallon, and you will still be unable to comprehend what is was like to have those week old, gym socks, turned inside out, and pressed against my tongue. Chris’s point of viewthen the video would be posted.


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huge variaty of male on male feet dominattion video and photo. Hot humiliation scenes with rank stinky, smelly or clean feet hard sock action. cute boys getting tickled. master and slave action with s/m sado maso session. straight guys forced to serve worship male feet and getting the whip if they dont. get trampled by a gang of foot masters or just watch submissiv men enjoy and worship beautiful big feet.You will find Twinks and cuties aswell as tough strong macho bullys. Great International models.

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