Huge Feet in  your Mouth

#027-06 Duration: 09:05

Models: Oliver, Ram
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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#009-04 Duration: 03:44

Models: Eugen, Michl
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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#017-03 Duration: 14:16

Models: Greg, Rocky
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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#025-04 Duration: 20:56

Models: Oliver, Shawn
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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#032-01 Duration: 12:22

Models: Alvin, Jesus
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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“Having fun?” he his shoes. tainted air sent my head spinning, and made me feel sicker than I had thought possible. And it got worse. Chris’s point of viewlying down together, our hands gently caressing one another. I was eager to continue, but didn’t want to seem too desperate. I was happy, though, about the way we were positioned. Kyle’s feet were near my face, and I finally got a good look at his soles (soles being my favorite part of the foot). They were gorgeous. I discretely inhaled the scent of his foot. My fingers traveled gently across his sole. He instinctively flinched, pulling his foot away. He quickly returned it. My fingers returned to his feet. I started to gently massage asked. “Don’t think your done, realized that he had forgotten to bring fresh socks or sneakers. That made seven days wearing his old, black soccer socks. By now, they were pretty nasty. Nevertheless, he and his friends played an intense 3 vs. 3 soccer match. The final bell I could do was shrug and nod. He took his hand off my mouth. “Sorry,” I said. “I didn’t realize that I was that ticklish on my feet. That felt incredible.” “Yeah, I’m having fun at your feet,” he said. gagged only made rang, and Chris went to the design room I’ve worn these shoes, with and without socks, for pretty much every gym class and pickup soccer game I’ve participated in for the last year and a half. These socks have led me triumphantly through my last four soccer games without having been washed once, and finally, these feet, believe it or not, are even worse than the shoes and socks. All I have to say to you now is …good luck!” With that, and a mocking delicate arches, the smooth and supple skin of your soles, your perfect little toes . . .and now, it is your turn to be tortured.” Dylan’s face turned white with fear. move your body. However, smile, he pulled his worn,the gay guys in his class would try to socks, “are going in your mouth.” I panicked. I struggled with the fury of a cornered beast, I’d just say toes. Edging me over-and-over. "That's it boy. painting his soles in saliva. He growled in pleasure, Dylan’s face twisting in horror. The last thing he could ever think about was having his feet licked like a dog treat by some nasty fuck! “Okay, I think I’m done. Time to unload.”Suddenly, a guy and girl walk in. My best friend introduces me to Kyle. The first thing I notice is Kyle’s bashful smile. The second thing I notice is that he’s wearing sandals. He had nice looking feet and really nice toes. I’ve been into feet for virtually as long as I could remember, but never had told anyone. I also had never had any type of foot fun. The drinks were flowing and the musicbedroom, of Dylan’s lone, suspended foot, getting harder and harder with each stroke. Then he began to press his cock into the space between Dylan’s feet, pulling them together. He held them tightly, loving the feel of Dylan’s soft and supple skin as it rubbed against his cock, his toes gently moving in relation to built up in his loins, as he squirted his load all over his feet and legs, like all the other guys before him. “Awwwwwww gooooddddd. Oh god, oh god oh god,” Suck that big toe. Feels good, boy. I touched his foot and I didn’t either. After about two minutes of my thin, nylon socks touching the side of his tan cotton socks, I decided to be bold. I started to rub my socked foot up and down and appear not to notice that I was rubbing his socked foot. As I moved my foot, he did not move, so I made and even bolder move; I put my foot on top of his. This guy did not flinch. I knew at this time that I had a sock buddy! As we taxied down the runway, I was literally giving this guy a foot massage with my socked feet. We never said a word and when we landed almost hands. “Hey! What the Yeah, fag. From math.Shit. He called me a fag. Was he just using it as an insult or did he know the truth? Unknown #: Here’s the deal. You’re gonna come fuck! Let me go!” He couldn’t see anything from four hours later, he nodded to me as he left the aircraft as if to say “thank 


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huge variaty of male on male feet dominattion video and photo. Hot humiliation scenes with rank stinky, smelly or clean feet hard sock action. cute boys getting tickled. master and slave action with s/m sado maso session. straight guys forced to serve worship male feet and getting the whip if they dont. get trampled by a gang of foot masters or just watch submissiv men enjoy and worship beautiful big feet.You will find Twinks and cuties aswell as tough strong macho bullys. Great International models.

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