Big Hot Feet Humiliation

      foot rest oliver
#025-01 Duration: 18:03

Models: Shawn, Oliver
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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slap you with feet      kiss my sneaker

     between my toes
#026-03 Duration: 20:27

Models: James, Briant
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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kneel shut up      forced tickle

     foot gang bang

#015-07 Duration: 10:27

Models: Bob, Michael
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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foot gang humiliation      foot slave bob

    muscle guy feet
#024-05 Duration: 14:41

Models: Zoran, Luis
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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rank sweaty foot      hot foot boy

    dominted by two master
#038-07 Duration: 03:14

Models: Zac, Said
Tags: foot, fetish, domination, force

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clean my feet     hold under foot

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“That’s it faggot, suck on them. Make sure to clean those feet up real good. Get all that shit that’s in between my toes.” I started to gag a little again as I was licking between his toes, but my cock was rock hard, throbbing, and probably oozing a little precum. As I was working on his big toe I smelled something else. It wasn’t the same kind of foot out over my face. “I think you’re finally ready to suck this dick.Another employed by the ancient Indian tiger hunters.” Wow, this actually sounded fun. For the first time ever, Chris actually felt somewhat excited to start a school project. Before he knew it class was over, and he hadn’t quite finished. He resolved to stop by after school to finish it up, and maybe even test it, given he could find someone to test it on. His next class was gym. When he got there, to finish up. Half an hour later, his trap was done. I’ve worked so hard on this, it would be a shame not to test it, he thought. Feeling devious, Chris set up the trap in the doorway, and sat back to wait. Who would it be? If it was Mrs. Brown he would be in big trouble, but it would also be pretty funny. He didn’t have to wait long. It was none other than Jim, Silence. Dylan sobbed, as the man walked sound from again with saliva. This guy’s tongue was voracious and lapped at his feet with a deep hunger. This time, however, he felt the man’s lips on his feet to jack himself off. He pressed his cock right up against Dylan’s foot, sliding it vertically, up and down against landing inbetween his toes even. He felt it slide down the tops of his soles, some jizz landing on his ankles and shins again, his soles covered once again in white slime. “Woo What a relief! man being sprayed on his feet, beautiful feet. God damn.” The man left him once again, alone. He felt like he couldn’t even cry anymore. Another man came by, and like those before him, he fucked, sucked, and licked his feet. He groaned in protest, screamed until his throat was dry, but nothing worked. This guy tried to tickle his feet, and Dylan couldn’t help but laugh, not because he wanted to, but because the sensations were too much to bare. The man’s fingertips were like feathers, gently brushing along his arches, and he alternated between sobs and weak laughs at the nerve wracking sensations. That didn’t last once “GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” screamed Dylan. He tried Dylan was highly stressed, before. The two of themstrong fear of being found out, I was severely closeted, especially while I was still enlisted. Yet, in retrospect, his “gaydar” must have detected me, because one night he from liberty drunk and passed out in the empty bunk right beside mine. My bunk was the bottom of three bunks, right on the end of the row, next to the red night light. I chose that specific bunk because I could easily remove the bulb and replace the red globe and be in stealth mode any time I chose. I waited for about 30 minutes to ensure he was I very carefully lifted his feet and gently removed both of his shoes. He never budged. His breathing remained steady. Again I waited just in case he would begin to awaken. He didn’t. So, I slowly and carefully removed his socks. I got very close to his beautiful bare feet and carefully inhaled. My nose and lips brushed his soles and I grabbed his dirty socks and quickly dressed myself to seek privacy and much needed sexual relief. Since I had not prepared for this, I did not have the key to the padlock for the emergency radio room door. I did however know that the line locker on the upper deck did not require a key, and at this time of night, no one would see me open the hatch and close it behind me. I cleared almost awake when I disappointment, we slowed down a little. We were his fleshy soles, giving me an excuse to touch his feet some more. I was focused so intently on Kyle’s feet that I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing. All of a sudden, I felt an unfamiliar warmth on my foot. I looked over and saw that my big toe was in Kyle’s mouth. I couldn’t believe it. Here I was, with a 


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huge variaty of male on male feet dominattion video and photo. Hot humiliation scenes with rank stinky, smelly or clean feet hard sock action. cute boys getting tickled. master and slave action with s/m sado maso session. straight guys forced to serve worship male feet and getting the whip if they dont. get trampled by a gang of foot masters or just watch submissiv men enjoy and worship beautiful big feet.You will find Twinks and cuties aswell as tough strong macho bullys. Great International models.

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